Free Jesus!

Jan. 6. 2012

(original 21. 12. 2011)


In many cases, the sessions with our clients are very informative for us. For example, today we had an interesting situation: after starting the healing session, Martina could perceive a great number of dark entities gathering at her place. Of course they came from a dimension, which didn't care for the physical walls of Martina's house. Hundreds of entities, those who had been our enemies only a few months ago and who'd scare humans usually. Now these beings were standing around quietly and patiently. Each of them was peaceful, we didn't feel any fear at all. We expected them to seek for healing, but before we started, Martina wanted to know, what they wanted from us. Their answer: „We need a heart!“

Communicating with these beings usually works on several levels in the same time. So they didn't say these few words only, but sent us a whole package of energy, which helped us understanding the full meaning of this message.

What they needed was someone with a functioning heart, who had a good soul connection and thereby can connect to our true origin. This is exactly what redeems them: a heart!

Well, we already knew this, yet Martina gained new insights: Beings like these ones, full of negative energy, can only be healed through a heart (-chakra). But this insight has been screwed up into „only Jesus can redeem you!“ This is not true. I am convinced, that Jesus had (has) a beautifully big heart and this made him a great healer and redeemer. But every heart can redeem and heal! Is the path to God only possible through Jesus? No! Every open heart is a channel to the Divine Origin and therefore can heal, even the most evil beings. We experience this day to day and we are not the only ones doing so.

So we started the healing session for these creatures and after only 10 minutes, they were free from all the evil influences and left.

Well, this was the warm up. Watch out, what comes next might be too hot for the commonly hypnotized Christians. The following session took place one week ago. It was for our dear friend Franja, for whom we have been fighting for her freedom for one year. All healing sessions for her brought only partial success. One of the reasons, why it is so hard to heal and to free her of the beings on her might be rooted in the following experience.


The session:

An illustration of the session: Martina empathizes with the client, in this case Franja, and thereby she can feel the past and presence as if she was the client herself. In the same time, Martina is herself. During this session Martina finds out, that Franja has a soul-fragment of a dragon, this means, she once was a dragon.

This is Franja's description of the session, which she had experienced intensely:

Right from the start, Martina was able to connect to the topic. Immediately she sensed a terrible, almost indescribable pain (psychologically, emotionally, physically), paired with strong wrath, a wrath like the last-ditch attempt of a tortured animal, trying to defend itself.

Martina saw and felt Jesus hanging on the cross.

It is so terrible, so distorted and perverted...and everyone is worshiping this symbol, no one is helping him! No one helps me (Martina talks about Franja). All I want is deliverance, peace and rest, please help me!“ This soul fragment of Franja/Jesus/ the dragon collective was totally hopeless, not expecting anyone coming to help him.

Furthermore, Martina mentioned that through the execution of Jesus, retained in the symbol of the crucifix, the general female energy as well as the earth have been very weakened, dishonored and broken. All believers of this distorted religion and all crucifixes at waysides, cathedrals etc. distort and weaken us, the earth and the female energy very much.

Martina wept for 15 minutes. She sensed the tortured soul fragment's (of Franja and of the soul collective, which is connected to the crucified Jesus) hopeless cry for help and its resignation. Martina sensed a deep dragon rumble inside of her, the dragon's deep wrath.

I (Franja) felt strong energies streaming through my (ethereal) body, while Martina was crying. Yet I couldn't feel the emotional pain, though I know this kind of pain very well from my past... such deep pain, which can get out of hand and turn into hatred, because it contains the feeling of a heartrending iniquity. Martina said: „revenge, it is just seeking for revenge.“

At the end I mentioned that Jesus seemed to be an incarnated dragon soul fragment., belonging to a dragon soul family, since the legion* is strongly connected to Jesus. Martina felt an impulse of energy and so did I. The topic „Antichrist“ came into my mind and Martina felt, there was more to it.

(*we call a group of thousands of beings “The Legion”, who were helped by Franz and Martina (here) . These beings are fighting on our side. )

Franja's thoughts: the topic „Antichrist“ (book of revelations) refers to a dragon with ten heads and a so-called „beast“. The Antichrist is described as being totally hardhearted, yet not easily to be differed in the true Christ on the surface, since both are able to work wonders and so forth. I know, that the Bible is pretty distorted and I expect it to be an age-old deception, trying to set us on the wrong track.

Yet I can imagine, that a tortured soul fragment, such as this Jesus-dragon-soul fragment can be turned into a sort of Antichrist, if he is not liberated and healed from the snake's influence and as long as pious lambs are sucking him dry, while loading all their unsolved suffering on him. One day he might run riot in the astral plane, when the pain has turned his love into hatred. If I am right, then we should hurry up with liberating Jesus/ the dragon collective connected to Jesus Christ.


23. 12. 2011


First of all I want to make clear once more, what this is about. This does not deal with the question of the true course of the „story of Jesus“. It doesn't deal with the question, if Jesus was married and had children, if he was crucified or if he lived in totally different times.

This experience we had (and others as well) indicate that Jesus was crucified. Yet, even if he wasn't, there still is a cult called the „christian church“, which is anchored in the Crucifixion. The crucified Jesus is everywhere- inside of churches and at many other places.

Would anyone hang up a cut-off head on a pale inside his home? I don't think so, because this would be very perverted. This object would not only mess up the energy of the place, but it would also have a black-magical effect on the beheaded person- even if it was only a plastic replication of the original one. The soul fragment of the dead will not find any deliverance, until all connections to such objects are detached.

This doesn't make a big difference to Jesus' fate. You might believe, he is so divine, so he would stand above this. But this seems not to be the case. We have perceived a couple of times, that at least one soul fragment of Jesus is banished. And many people conserve this status unknowingly. If this soul fragment was only trapped by massive cussedness, he could free himself. But the disinformation of the snakes secure, that millions of people worship the cross and thereby keep Jesus trapped.

One more aspect of the sneaky snakes' deception was to describe him as absolutely divine. This is why no one is ever thinking about helping him. A Christian who thought so, would be called megalomaniac or blasphemous. Please, wake up from this mind control programs! A huge amount of your own skills and forces have been crucified with Jesus. Us and him need these abilities badly!

May this information be understood and passed on.