Cleaning Works Part 21

Symptoms and Causes
An Overview

Franz Erdl

October 1, 2013

In recent weeks there was a hail of symptoms. We constantly experienced new symptoms, or even always the same, with me and Karin, with our cats, and with good friends. As a result, I have developed an approach involving certain questions, which has, up until now, never failed to find a cause for each symptom (if it is really correct). This method is a system of pigeonholes; that is clear to me. I must therefore leave open whether there are further unknown components.

The symptoms are not necessarily physical. You can ask, "Why am I making jokes in inappropriate situations?" or "Why do dogs bark at me so often?" Then I check the following nine items:


1 Outside world
2 Physical body
3 Channels
4 Etheric body
5 Astral body
6 Mental body
7 Soul

In these 7 areas you will always find the cause.


In the next three items the findings are different. In these areas only aggregates appear. When one clears away these, there will be no other problems. The aggregates will no longer be present. That is, if the aggregates are cleared, you need not concern yourself further about these items.

8 Connections MB - EB - AB
9 Oversoul
10 Higher self

MB = mental body, EB = etheric body, AB = astral body

Sometimes the causes correlate with the symptoms but sometimes there is no connection. At the current speed the soul is presenting me with problems by using one symptom several times.

If I want to know "Why am I fat?" the cause might be "I move too little" or "I eat wrong." But that is not the real cause. The real reason will be found in one of the 7 areas.

Sometimes I find no cause. This happens when a symptom has multiple causes. If I see that, then I ask for cause 1, cause 2, and so on.

1: The outside world

It's about people and beings that act in opposition to me or have done so in the past. An example is black magic. When such an attack occurs or has happened in the past it should be considered to belong to the category of the outside world. If the magic has been in me for some time, I will find it in my other bodies, as well. Also count big heads as belonging to the outside world. Other creatures donít show up here anymore.

Problems on the earth, such as, for example, magic at home, do not register as belonging in the category of the foreign-source world, but instead relate to the root chakra, and so therefore to the etheric body. The Earth is part of our root chakra (or vice versa). More on this in Part 4.

2: The physical body

What causes may be in the physical body?

Implants (almost always astral)

Foreign feelings in surgical scars.

Passed-on feelings in fat and connective tissue, mostly from other humans.

Imported emotions (Groups)

In permanently open wounds there may be other people's feelings, including some from past lives.

Surprisingly, using this method I have found implants along the entire length of both arms. There was even an implant in my nose.

The causes are always energetic in nature. I have never found a physical implant. The problem comes from the energy it radiates. A physical problem, such as curvature of the spine, is not a cause but a symptom that has an energetic cause.

3: The channels (between the physical body and the etheric body)

I consider a channel and the body part to which this channel leads as one thing. The body part belongs to the channel, so to speak. It is the antenna to the outside world. I consider the channels to be the actual miracles in us. They are the connection of our inner metaphysics with the outer physics. They are the contact to the outside. They create reality.

The channels have a life of their own. They have their own data storage in which inappropriate responses are stored which is why they react wrongly in various situations.

To heal/correct it is sufficient to find that a channel has a wrong program. It is now no longer necessary to find out which channel it is or what kind of program it is. I merely request "please correct the program". That's it.

The channels are immune to magic or manipulation. I have never found aggregates there. The only problems, therefore, are the programs.

I have recently found that the side chakras have channels. They have connections to the zone in which they are located but possibly more channels. It is not necessary to search for the exact channel to find a cause.

4: The etheric body

This includes the chakras, side chakras, super and subchakras and all their connections. I also include the connection to the soul body because it, as well the chakra connections, is vulnerable to being interfered with by magic.

Aggregates can be anywhere, except for the subchakras. The aggregates are not found in the chakras, but in the vicinity of the chakras or around the connections. Donít forget the side chakras. Once the aggregates are out they do not return.

The connections can be repeatedly blocked by magic. You have to check again and again, unfortunately, when you're a popular target of magicians.

The chakras themselves may have some errors (super- and subchakras are not affected.):

1. Implant in Chakra

2. False programs. There can be many of those.

3. Artificially created reception points for problems coming from groups

4. Magic

5. Illegal Connections


Did I forget something?

Yes, the thing with the root chakra

The root chakra believes that the physical body and the Earth are one thing. Thatís nice, but Earthís problems are therefore referred to the etheric body, root chakra department.

Earthís soul and astral bodies are healed by now, but what is wrong in your environment concerning the physical body of the Earth makes itself known to you. All causes are essentially energetic in nature. Locally bound dead from all centuries, demons and magic come to mind.

5: Astral body

The astral body is something like a small etheric body. Iím not sure if itís because the astral body is being underestimated or because no one knows much about it, but whatever the reason, it is a wonderful point from which to disturb the entire energy system.

Sources of error:

Elements can 

   be manipulated
   have wrong programs
   have forced connections (pointing right)

Manipulation comes from former alien influences. There may be several manipulations on one element.

Wrong programs

Forced connections are manipulations by which someone can meddle. For instance, obsessive thoughts may be fed that way on the sixth element, for example.

The elements can be surrounded by aggregates. This is also possible for the connections to the base element.

6: Mental body

Up until now I have given the mental body little attention because I had not understood the importance of its role. It is a great storage of information. There are beliefs and programs in there. I call these imprints. These imprints control the behavior of the chakras and that is extremely important. Most imprints come from the soul. It is full of imprints from past lives, regardless if they are good or bad. Everything we experience every day can create new imprints, even without us realizing it.

With our conscious decisions we can intentionally create imprints in the mental body. That's actually the whole point.

Anytime you are looking for a cause and the mental body is involved, then it will have something to do with imprints. The good news is that you no longer need to know which imprints they are. The soul gathers all the inappropriate imprints and you only have to find the number and then ask for the deletion.

It is ok if there are 400. Most of the time there will be less than one hundred.

People under mind control have 5000 or 6000 imprints. These will usually appear in groups of 1000 or 1500.

In some cases, there are aggregates in the mental body to curb the power supply of the chakras.

7: Oversoul

Despite having cleaned up the past lives, you might still find a lot of false programs in the soul. Hundreds and hundreds. Again, it is not necessary to know the wrong information.

Let us say that a symptom points to the soul. Then I ask how many false programs are there? Then it says 40 or 60 or 80. Then I order the deletion. Then I ask if there are more programs related to the symptom, and then I may find another 40, 60 or 80 wrong programs. Lately, my tinnitus had to be the messenger for those.

You can also ask "how many false programs do I have in my soul regarding wealth?" So you donít have to wait for a physical symptom first.

I've noticed that the other bodies go first and by the end only the problem in the soul remain. For the last two or three days I have only been asking about problems in the soul.

Do not forget to consider the topic of "curse". However, this will only be relevant for a few people.

8: Relationship between the bodies

Here is what I experienced between the etheric body and the astral body and between the etheric body and the mental body. Aggregates can be found there. Once deleted, they never return. Magic is never done there. Once the area is cleared you can forget about it.

9: Soul

If the oversoul turns out to be the cause, this means automatically that there are aggregates on lines a, b or c. It is also possible that all three lines may be blocked. If so, this should automatically mean that the soul is not in the body. Although, there may be cases where the soul is still in the body and the aggregates were only added ​​later.

If the person is being monitored, there will usually be an implant to indicate when the soul is trying to re-enter. This will call magicians into action quickly who will usually block connection e and sometimes d.

In this case the implant should be removed first, otherwise magicians will arrive in five minute intervals.

10: Higher self

If the "Higher Self" is indicated as the cause, it can be only aggregates. Once removed, the problem is permanently solved. Problems on the 7th chakra or the connection further below indicate a problem of the etheric body.

More on channels

One thing I want to add. The subject of money is in the big toe. The important thing is of course the channels from the root chakra to the toes. The right toe is the antenna for "wishes come trueĒ, the left causes "accepting abundance". So search the channels and the root chakra for money problems or problems related to wealth.

The big toe or thumb stands for oneself. The remaining toes or fingers stand for the family/children.

The right thumb seems to stand for the act of "taking into possession". I do not know what the left stands for. Ownership can be an obstacle, create unwelcome work or tie you to a place. This might be in need of healing.

A quick note: The skin belongs to two chakras simultaneously; always to the second and usually to the third. The skin of the male genitals belongs to the first chakra. The lips belong to the heart chakra plus the second chakra. The eyelids belong to the second and third, but not to the heart chakra. All muscles and organs are always connected to the second plus to one other chakra.

More on "illegal connections"

I noticed again and again that somebody connected my throat chakra. It gave me a sore throat at once. Removal of the connection wasnít enough. It happened again and again.

I found a typical life as a young son of a ruler. I respected the experienced people, whether tradesmen or soldiers, and stayed out of their business. There are however many more reasons for me to leave the talking and acting to others. I have found 188 in my soul, from many different lives. Many are religious in nature (jerk that I was).