Cleaning Works Part 17

Mathematics of Miracles

Franz Erdl

August 14, 2013

I mostly handle my headlines like the tabloids. They shall of course attract attention. What I mean with “miracles” in this case is our abilities to influence matter as well as our own physical bodies. At least this is the focus of this article.

For that purpose we have to look at the energy supply of our chakras again:

Image 1: Energy Supply of our Chakras





We can see in this image that only 5 chakras are supplied with energy. Though the energy comes from the respective sub- and superchakras the real sources are our sun and the central sun of our galaxy. I made that clear in the next image.








Image 2: The Supply of our Chakras by the Suns

Those suns have created our galaxy. Their chakras have the power to bring matter into existence. These powers are actually at our disposal but . . .


Image 3: Regulation of the Energy Flows


. . . our oversoul steps on the break. And it steps on it quite strongly which is – like I had to experience painfully – better. We'll come to the pains later. First a few data.

For simplification's sake I now call the lower chakras power chakras and the upper three soul chakras. The power chakras have their own but joined control line. This means the control line (arrow from 6b down) can switch on or off both chakras but not one on and one off. However this control is independent from the soul chakras. These also have their own control line (6b up) by which all of them can be switched on or off together.

Now let's have a look on the data:
normal: a person in everyday life
max: the maximum value in situations that require more energy: The oversoul however doesn't allow a higher value.



Energy of power chakras in %

Energy of soul chakras in %






People average











Why do the power chakras get so little energy? I said above it's for our own good. You may consider these power chakras dangerous weapons. This is not exaggerated. They can alter 3D reality, influence matter and our bodies. One faulty program in those chakras could have worst effects if the energy is increased within those chakras. Each per cent more energy can have disastrous effects.

I'll describe an actual example from myself: as a consequence of a little energy increase in many places of my body monstrous pimples and abscesses appeared. I got a really big abscess on my right buttock so I was hardly able to sit for three days. I couldn't find the cause at once. First I found another topic and I'm going to begin with that.

Pain in a spot on the right groin. It was only perceptible when I or one of my cats touched it. I found the topic very fast. This was a problem with the home or the nest. The programs are called: “Having no beautiful home/nest”. I am using the word “nest”, too, because I found ca. 30 animals groups about this topic which had been attached to me. The groups had between 7 and 70 animals, animals with nesting problems, I guess. There were also a lot of groups with humans (I'm still not done with them).

I know I felt this pain in the groin the first time when Karin and I had rented a warehouse from a bank in Breitbrunn/Chiemsee. We had invested DM 70.000,- and changed the 150sqm ground floor into a seminar room, a cafeteria and a practice room. Above we had the same area for living and the basement was just as big. In this house we wanted to build our home. It was so beautiful there. You could walk into the woods or down to the lake. Simply great.

And there they began to attach those foreign energies to me. Of course I had no idea about that yet. But things went in a way that we had to give up the house and lost our investments. After that we went to Dom. Rep. and as I mentioned before, our home is totally chaotic. It is in no way comfortable.

Of course this topic is situated in the root chakra which is supplied with 13% energy in average, however in case of sessions or questioning it can go up to 30%. If my oversoul would increase these two values by one or two per cent I am sure tomorrow the ceilings would start to leak and the rooms would get wet when it is raining. Ants would build nests in the mattresses. With even higher energy the house would probably collapse.

Now about my butt. The topic of the buttocks is “enjoying”. I only found this after three days of pain. This abscess finally made it clear to me that have actually had a problem with enjoying for years. Karin has the same issues. We are sitting here in the Caribbean and it has been a good four years that we went swimming in the sea. And when we went in back then we weren't able to enjoy it.

The thing on my butt finally forced me now to find the topic. Many, many attached groups! What else? The groups in me and Karin are mainly living persons, walk-ins who could push on their lacking ability to enjoy.

So if the oversoul raises the energy in the power chakras only a little our false programs come to the surface in form of painful places on our body. Two or three days ago I suddenly got 7 painful abscesses and the painful spot on my groin. I think this was only a small energy increase. Most of the abscesses have healed by themselves. But I will notice that during the next energy increase at the latest.

Here is a preliminary list of the effects of the power chakras:



Energy of the power chakras



Normal self-healing

Starting at about 1%

Noticeable changes of the outside world by our programs*

Starting at about 7%

Increased self healing (imposing of hands)




Teleporting oneself

65% with soul chakras at 100%

Materialisation and changing of matter


Planetary changes



Programs that have been within us for many years have effects even with lower percentages because of the duration of the program. You cannot expect that a healed/changed program will have an effect quickly at 1% of energy.

The Soul Chakras

These three chakras together serve to express and bring into action the intentions of the oversoul. The more the contents of these three chakras deviate from the intentions of the oversoul the more the oversoul has to shut down the energy supply. This deviation may of course have been created by alien influences.

Since the soul chakras don't in general do as much damage as the power chakras more energy is allowed here. We need the energy also in order to feel our effect on others. They don't create direct physical damage but they do it indirectly by spreading lies, false ideologies or forcing one's will on others through one's solar plexus powers and many more. These chakras make us ill when their energy is almost zero. Typically you get ill where the chakras are.

Further Data:

People who dissolve patterns in themselves reach higher soul chakra energy values than the average person. They reach 75 or 80%. I found out however that those people are on the list of the dark side and therefore their values for the power chakras are even lower than average. The average human is, after all, harmless and therefore less blocked in certain areas.

Maximum values of some people/beings



Power chakras %

Soul chakras %







Antu *












Karin as Nephilim






Bruno Gröning



Franz Erdl




* - only when they had (have?) a physical body. The power chakras are gone without a body.
** - Once again you can see what a gift Id was. She was able to set right the atmosphere of a planet. No gold needed.


I researched about Jesus for days in order not to make false statements. These are the results:


  1. His soul origin is Anunnaki.

  2. Jesus taught, “The Divine” is within you.

  3. He never said he was the son of God.

  4. He never spoke about having to revere a god.

  5. He taught how to develop and apply one's powers.

  6. He used his abilities for healing his pupils' blockades.

  7. Jesus was not betrayed by anyone and was never arrested.

  8. He never met Pontius Pilatus and was never sentenced.

  9. He never hung on a crucifix.

  10. He had a wife and 10 children and grew very old.

  11. He did many miracles, and because of that he was a special person.

  12. He was able to raise deceased persons who had no signs of corruption yet.

  13. He was able to multiply fish to feed the 5000.

  14. He did not walk on water but he was able to teleport himself.

  15. Of course he was able to calm a storm.

Jesus was not able to fulfil his oversoul’s intentions. His mission was a great failure. Instead of spreading the teaching of “the Divine in us”, exactly what he didn’t want happened. The church used the popularity of his miracles to put an “almighty God” above us. All his published statements are made up. The entire drama of him being arrested up to his fictional crucifixion burnt a false philosophy into our hearts.

Bruno Gröning only got to 70% of his soul powers because he, as usual, always gave up his entire power to God. That was continuously helpful for the church, but not for his oversoul.