Communicating with a „Bighead“

Dec. 1. 2011


We were working with a person, who is being spied on and chased in real, plus he is affronted with radiation. Certainly, the dark side wants to keep this person blocked out. When I proposed to have a look on the spies who are after our companion, Martina was quite surprised: most of the beings and humans were willing to be healed, especially those beings who were controlling the humans. So we shot springing charge of healing energy on them and we could sense the liberation between the entities and the human beings  (if our perception and feelings were real).

When trying to free them from the snake's influence, instead of a snake a „bighead“ showed up. He was as ugly as usual and very big, like being puffed up. Maybe he gorged himself on all these beings' energy. When focusing healing energy onto him, we recognized that he didn't have an evil charisma. What's this? The last information we got about these guys made us think that they were soulless. Was this not right? This guy looked at us and seemed absolutely kind. When we looked at him in surprise, he said something. We cannot really remember, but the most important thing he said, was: „Remember! The gate is opening!“ In this moment, we felt a lot of energy and were almost crying (This happens when we achieve a deep soul contact).

„The gate is opening!“...he said. Apparently, this one was transformed into a positive being without our help. A bighead, those beings, we thought they'd be our worst enemies.

There must be other sources of healing beside our work. This might be what he meant by saying „the gate is opening“. Is this a gate, which is sending healing energy? Healing for everyone, even those bigheads? Gosh, is this real? The energy of this one was so strong, so full of emotion, which made this experience very real to me and Martina.

I think, something special must have happened, which allowed us to heal a group of beings including humans, and one of the reasons must be, that the big head let them out. If these beings/humans do not need to work under his control any more, our traced friend might be free now, too. I will let you know, soon.