Appealing to all Dissidents

November 23. 2011


There are readers, who believe my articles to be fantasy stories. One person said, I was creating a fantasy universe with reps and demons, so i can conquer them heroically. And that would not be really possible, since God is the only one, who can command demons, because this is how it is written (in the bible).

About 30 years ago, I discovered my healing skills. Ever since, I am searching for the truth about our existence. My skills to achieve quick results (spontaneous remission) helped me to find out, what is effective and what is ineffective. This principal has become manifested in me in the course of time. Most of the established belief systems had to undergo this reality-test and were kicked out of my consciousness as „failed“.

By now I think to myself „how can anyone voluntarily let his consciousness be restricted by religion and spiritual doctrines?“ and „what kind of insecurities and fears are causing such voluntary restriction?“

I want to make you understand, that everything I put in my articles has passed my reality test. The knowledge about grays, reps etc. brings real results and exposing the evil snakes has enabled us, healing cases, which were very difficult and which we couldn't deal with, before knowing about the snakes. We (Martina and I) cannot prove, that we can heal and liberate evil spirits from their forced wickedness. It is not directly demonstrable, but when people, who have suffered from these spirits are suddenly feeling much better and free, the change is very obvious. These kind of liberation is happening now on a daily base.

The influence of the Wowos (Alien friends) is the most difficult case to be demonstrated and recognized. The proof to us and our clients is the high willingness of reptilians and co. to get a healing. Almost none of them is struggling or attacking us. Some people were even forced by their monsters to attend healing sessions. So, these beings obviously have already undergone a change inside without our help. I am aware of the fact, that readers who haven't experienced this themselves, have trouble believing this.

I also want to mention our collaboration with aliens. All races, which we have met, are affected by the influence of dark forces in different ways. None of these races is inviolable or invulnerable. Some others might not be as infiltrated as we are, yet all have boundaries set and so they have to operate tactically. They all want the liberation of this part of the universe, because this is not only effecting us and this earth. These aliens do not help us to safe us and our planet, but we all work together to knock the dark forces on their heads.

Many talented humans, who were meant to assist this battle against the forces of evil, have been caught in the web of ascension-philosophers such as Kryon, Ramtha, Ashtar, archangels, ascended masters and the „galactic federation of light“. Do you really want to waste you skills by channeling prospective slaveholders? You are much-needed! The other beings need us, as we need them to find a way out of this misery. This is true equality, this is mutual respect. No one is higher or lower in any hierarchy. Beings in different dimensions have different possibilities of acting. They can do things, which we cannot do but this doesn't mean they are necessarily more evolved. We are able to do things, they cannot do. And we have to do what they are not able to do, like healing reptilians and draconians and so on.

At this point I want to call upon Christians. I mean those, who are true active Christians with a strong faith. I have met many, who were radiating a lot of love. It is beautiful, to feel such people. But this love, paired with disinformation, will sooner or later end in a catastrophe.

Mainly, it is about Jesus. Independently of the New Testament (I think there are many intended mistakes in it), I cannot do anything else but love Jesus. I feel him as someone, who is very close to his Soul and therefore close to the Divine Origin. When I feel him, I feel Love.

You might recognize, that I am avoiding the word „God“. The reason is, that many aliens/ inter-dimensional beings have masquerade as God himself. I think, they made up the word „God“, meaning „a being“ (who comes from the heaven/sky). This results in keeping us from striving for their exclusive position.

Romans didn't like Christians to imitate Jesus; practicing miracles, prophesying things, healing and casing out evil spirits had become fashion back then. Jesus supposedly had animated people to do so and I think, that is true. But the Romans wanted Jesus to be elevated in a god-like position, so no one would even think about imitating him.

As you might have read already, other gods of old („pagan“) religions are born on the 24th of December as well. This date has become a brand mark of the gods. I also think, that some of the miracles have been made up or exaggerated, to emphasize Jesus' god-like status. I think, this twisted concept worked out well. Sure, I only read these assumptions, but I find them coherent.

The excesses of this false belief system about Jesus are to be found today in sayings like „Jesus is the only path“ and „only Jesus can free us“ or „Jesus will return to redeem us, to save the world“. Also, the topic „Christ and Anti-Christ“ displaces his value on a wrong course.

I think, Jesus does not feel very happy about this aberration. I am convinced, he had great skills combined with a lot of love. Those who see him as a role model for imitation, is doing it right. But worship and waiting for salvation is misdirected. I wish, you could feel and see all those healed alien beings, reps, draconians and all the healed demons who are dragons again. All of them want to collaborate in healing and liberating. But where are we? I ask these beings to do something about our ignorance, so you can realize, where you got it wrong. I do not mean those people, who only believe in what they can touch physically.

I mean you, who have skills, love and a greater understanding, but cannot participate because of some bad energy contortion!